Community Updates & Ambassador's Posts

  • 8 ways to workout over Easter

    Easter is such a great time of year. Spring is on the horizon, the days are longer, the sun is shining and...supermarkets are full of chocolate Easter eggs! We want you to embrace the Easter vibes and know that you can balance them out with a variety of different workouts too! And we’ve got 10 different ways for you to workout and stay active over the holiday period.
  • How to Keep Motivation High During Lockdown

  • Back Exercises That Do Not Require Equipment

    This year has been a really different one when it comes to our health and fitness. For a lot of us, our workout and fitness routines changed substa...
  • International Women's Day

    A day to celebrate women across the globe. A day when women come together from all walks of life to celebrate how far we have come socially, economically and politically, and to raise awareness of how much more there is still to do.
  • Ramadan

    Here at Tone & Sculpt, we want to provide the advice and guidance needed for our Muslim community, in order to support your health and wellbeing. We also want to keep our community informed. Learning about different cultures and the ways we can come together to support one another makes us stronger and better together. 
  • Black Lives Matter

    In light of recent events in America, the tragic death of George Floyd, Tone & Sculpt are disgusted with the murder and modern day lynching of an innocent man. We stand in solidarity with the black community and with all people of colour. It is disgusting, horrific, inhumane and no person of colour should ever feel or face the inherent, systemic racism that not only permeates the American justice system and society, but our global society.

  • Pride: LGBTQ+ History and Fitness

    This year Pride month arrives at the heart of a difficult time felt by another community of marginalised people, the Black community. What is usually a joyous month of increasing visibility for LGBTQ+ rights, and discussing the issues surrounding the LGBTQ+ Community, has grown into a much more focused, and vocal debate on the lives of marginalised people being taken before their time. Pride feels particularly poignant in 2020, when the lost lives of, not only black men and women, are thrust into the mainstream spotlight again following the death of  George Floyd, but those of black trans men and women too.
  • How to use the Tone & Sculpt Forum

    The Tone & Sculpt forum is live with some awesome new features! If you liked it before, you are going to absolutely love it now! Our forum is the very definition of how we see our virtual community coming together as a family.
  • Stay At Home With Tone & Sculpt: Supporting The NHS During Covid-19

    Last week, our co-founder, Krissy Cela, caught up with two very special members of our community. Millie Manning and Maariyah Vankad are both medical students who are currently home from university due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, and helping the NHS contain the outbreak.
  • Getting Back On Track

    Healthy lifestyles are not something that we switch on and off, but rather something we try to implement into our everyday lifestyle to make it a part of our routine!
  • Create Your Own Recipe

    I am so excited to share our amazing new feature with you! CREATE YOUR OWN RECIPE right here on the Tone & Sculpt app! We've been working on this for over a year, listening to all of your feedback, advice and everything you want on the app to make it the best possible experience for you. The team and I have been working super hard to make sure CREATE YOUR OWN RECIPE is everything you want and need it to be when it comes to your food and nutrition. And like in usual Tone & Sculpt style, it's super simple and easy to use!

  • The Best Pre & Post Workout Meals and Snacks

    When should you eat carbs or proteins, before or after I workout? Meal timing is as important as the quality of what you eat. Why? Mainly because by making sure that you include your pre and post workout meals you are also ensuring to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to both fuel your workouts and to build muscle and function properly.