50 Star Club: everything you need to know

At Tone & Sculpt, you’re a part of something big. You’re not just completing a workout, you’re building habits, a lifestyle, one where you are the reward at the end.

You’re working on your physical and mental health for you.
You’re also a part of our community, our familia of athletes and we want you to know we’re here for you. We believe small increments, those subtle moments of confidence, happiness and strength are greater than any diet plan you’ve tried.

And that’s why, after listening to our familia, we’ve launched the 50 star club - to show you motivation is not the key to success... habits are.

Starting on the 1st January 2021, the 50 star club is designed to show our familia consistency, routine and habits will bring you a feeling of euphoria; a feeling that you’ve quite literally smashed your workout and it will leave you excited for the next.

And, it’s not just after 50 stars - you will feel like this with every single star you gain. Why? Because, consistency and routine matter! 

How does it works?

It’s simple: for every guide-workout you complete, you get a star. After achieving 50 (so, 50 guided workouts) we will send you your very own, exclusive Tone & Sculpt 50 star T-Shirt.

The 50 star club has no time limit - you go at your own pace.
However, Tone & Sculpt is committed to consistency and routine, therefore a star is achieved for every guide-workout you complete. We are determined to show you that if you stick to a guide and you commit to a long term plan, working out will become an ingrained part of your health and wellbeing.
Of course we all fancy something different every now and again and that is absolutely OK! Hence, there is no time limit here!

Life happens and the stars will still be there, waiting for you when you complete your workout guide. 

Why stars?

Because every time you complete a workout, you shine bright!
Literally, as our trainers would say (they want you to work hard!) but also from within.

We know just how empowering, how amazing it feels to make time to do something for yourself. It’s an achievement and something that needs to be celebrated in our community! 

When do I get my T-shirt?

As soon as you have completed your 50 guided workouts! The app will alert you with a pop up to let you know you’ve achieved your 50 stars and take you through the process of all the details we need to send you your T-shirt. It’s as simple as that!

How can I choose the size of the T-Shirt?

You can have a look at the chart size below:

SMALL45CM (17.7")62CM (24.4")
MEDIUM46CM (18.1")65CM (25.6")
LARGE48CM (18.9")66CM (26")
X-LARGE51CM (20")67CM (26.4")

Length measurement are from shoulder to hem. All sizes are measured flat.

Remember, you are your own motivation - let your habits and routine drive your strength, stamina and resilience! You are our athletes, our familia and we want to support you every step of the way. The 50 Star Club is just the beginning - you’re a part of the world’s best female fitness family. Remember that and keep your eyes on the stars! 

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