Ash's Review

by Leanne Jacklin-Grey

Ash’s Review @sasshlee_

Tell us about your fitness Journey so far.

I have been going to the gym on and off for the past 5 years. I have tried to follow so many different programs, and have never had much success at staying consistent.

Over the past 4 months I have been following the Tone & Sculpt app, and have never enjoyed going to the gym more.

I have lost 15kg and my body feels so much more toned. Working out at looking after myself is now my favourite part of my day.

What is your favourite feature on the Tone & Sculpt app?
My favourite feature on the app is that there is a video of each exercise so that you can check your form and make sure you are doing the exercise correctly.

What is your favourite breakfast, lunch and dinner from the app?

My go to breakfast from the app is the peanut butter strawberry oatmeal. I have this every day! My favourite lunch would be the Mexican salad, it’s super easy to make and so tasty. My favourite dinner option on the app is the black bean burger with sweet potato fries

What are your future goals?

My future goals are to continue to stay consistent with my training and healthy lifestyle. I hope that as I progress through the phases, I will continue to get stronger.

What piece of advice would you give to someone starting out in their fitness journey?

My piece of advice would be to find a training/ nutrition routine that is sustainable. I have made the mistake in the past of looking for a ‘quick fix’ however I have finally realised that having a routine that you can maintain over a longer period of time is going to give you much more success.

What is your go to song/playlist at the gym?

My go to playlist at the gym is ‘R&B workout’ playlist on Apple Music.