by Krissy Cela - Sep 01, 2020

Krissy Cela with food

Iam so excited to share our amazing new feature with you! CREATE YOUR OWN RECIPE right here on the Tone & Sculpt app! We've been working on this for over a year, listening to all of your feedback, advice and everything you want on the app to make it the best possible experience for you. The team and I have been working super hard to make sure CREATE YOUR OWN RECIPE is everything you want and need it to be when it comes to your food and nutrition. And like in usual Tone & Sculpt style, it's super simple and easy to use!

What is the Create Your Own Recipe feature?
The Create Your Own Recipe feature does exactly what it says - you can literally create any recipe you want to put together a fully customised meal. The app already has meals and recipes to suit all dietary requirements whether you are vegan, pescatarian or a meat eater. However, I know that sometimes what you fancy isn't always available. As much as the app is filled with hundreds of different types of recipes from breakfast to dinner and all sorts of snacks, there is always that one meal, that one ingredient that you can't find - trust me, it's my app and I still have those days!

With The Create your Own Recipe feature, you can choose the ingredients you want to make your perfect recipe, and add it to your meal plan. The feature allows you to:

- Name your recipe
- Attach a picture
- Input the ingredients, macros and method
- Save all the ingredients to your shopping list.

It is so easy and amazing to use! Soon enough you won't even need any other app for your lifestyle and wellbeing - the Tone & Sculpt familia have everything sorted for you!

How does it work?
There are 2 ways you can make a meal using the Create Your Own Recipe feature:

You can edit an existing recipe on the app (see, fully customizable! Just click on the '3 dots' in the top right hand corner when selecting a Tone & Sculpt app recipe);
You can create your own recipe from scratch by adding your own ingredients and macro quantities, using the 'My Recipes' tab and then selecting the 'create your own' tab. Simple!

Just like the meals on the Tone & Sculpt app, the Create Your Own Recipe feature will ensure you have the right quantity of ingredients that you need for the meals you are making, depending on the serving size you choose to select. For example, if you were to select 2 Goat's Cheese salads for your meal planner from the selection of recipes available on the app, your shopping list would adjust accordingly. Similarly if you were to build a custom recipe for one salad, but then decided you wanted 2 for the week, simply select a serving of 2 and your shopping list will also be adjusted accordingly. So simple, easy and useful!

You can add the method, prep time, cooking times - everything you need to make cooking simple for you! If you choose to use ingredients already verified by the app (look out for the little blue tick!), the app will calculate your macro and calorie intake for you!

If you choose to add an ingredient that is not already on the app, you will just need to enter the relevant calorie and macro quantities the first time you use the ingredient on the app (only if you want to, not a necessity!). After this, you can continue to select that ingredient and the app will do the rest of the work for you.

The shopping list
You can combine meals from the app along with your own customised meal built using the Create Your Own Recipe feature, and all of the ingredients will be added to your shopping list! Not only that, as well as food there is even a cheeky little space to remind you to get a birthday card, a bit of chocolate as a treat and your deodorant - it's quite literally a weekly planner, all in one app!

Why have we designed the Create Your Own Recipe feature?
The answer to this is simple. Fitness and nutrition go hand in hand and just like the workout plans can be chosen to suit you, I wanted food choices to be as simple and customizable too. Food is fuel, it's good for you. It's not something to be scared of, to find tricky or tiresome. This feature is there to make your meal prep easy and simple!

A few fun things to do with the Create Your Own Recipe feature:

sharing is caring!
As social distancing is becoming the new normal, why not create recipes and then share with friends! A little like a virtual Come Dine With Me! After creating your recipe, simply choose to select on Instagram and Facebook!

Why not set yourself a mini goal each week to try a new vegetable, piece of fruit or just experiment with different ingredients! The beauty of the app is it will continue to guide you with its recommended calorie intake for your different meals to suit your selected goals.

Share on the Tone & Sculpt Community Forum!
We love seeing your progress and what better way to share your journey than in the in-app forum! Share tips and tricks, tasty combinations and your custom made recipes!

I am so proud of this feature and I truly believe it is going to make your progress and journeys even better! The app is 100% for you and I want it to be your live in coach when it comes to your wellbeing. I'd love to hear how you get on and what you think of it. Please share your feedback with me and don't forget to tag me in your custom made recipes! Let's get cooking!

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