Emma's Review

by Zahara Chowdhury

Emma: @emmajuulj 

Tell us about your fitness Journey so far.

I moved out in 2017, and I gained a lot of weight. I would say about 15 kg. I mean I could feel it, but it was over a long period of time, and not until January 2019 I looked in the mirror one morning and thought to myself, “This is not who you want to be". I went on Instagram and sooner or later I found Krissy's page.

I downloaded the Tone & Sculpt app, and I was so determined because it was promoted to be SO EASY, and after 10 concentrated minutes, I made my first meal plan. I started tracking my water and it kinda made me competitive to ME. 

My fitness journey took off quite well. I had no excuses because it was so easy, grocery shopping and food prepping became my favorite time of the day. I struggled a bit in fitness, because even though I had a plan, and I had my intake right, I still didn’t feel confident in my body. But I stayed consistent and I thank myself everyday. Not only did my fitness and nutrition go very well, but at some point I just got a new life perspective. I’m so energetic, positive, and hard working.

When I lost my father in September, I don’t doubt a second when I say, I would not have got through this if I’ve had lived the way I did last year. It’s so unbelievable, and as I sit here and type, I get tears and I’m so grateful for working with myself, and to look back at the journey so far, and look what a brilliant woman I’ve become. I’ve really become something, and someone who sets goals and reaches it. How amazing is that.

What is your favourite feature on the app?

It’s definitely how the meal plan can be customized into every goal. It’s amazing. It’s so easy to bulk, which can be a bit challenging when you’re a girl, and you want to be doing a clean bulk. It’s so great that it doesn’t only contain weight loss features.

Tell us your go to breakfast, lunch and dinner meals from the app

My go to breakfast is the poached eggs on toast with a slice of bacon or when I’m busy the chia seed almond butter banana toast.

My go to lunch is the salmon, brown rice and asparagus! I feel so full and fuelled afterwards, but not bloated at all!

My go to dinner is the one pan pesto chicken.

What are your future wellness goals?

The long term would be staying consistent. But for now, and until I start university, I just want to feel strong and confident. I want to enlighten other people and spread body positivity. 

What piece of advice would you give to someone starting out in their fitness journey?

Omg, where to start. Sometimes I meet girls in restrooms on the rare I go out, and they come up to me and ask, “What is your secret?”, and honestly, I would say to these girls ‘believe in yourself’, but I didn’t do that until far along the journey, so I think that something you grow into. If I could give someone advice based on my knowledge and experience, it would be to set yourself tiny goals, AND STICK TO THE PLAN. It becomes such a good habit. It is said that it takes about two weeks to create new habits, so set a four week goal, stick to the plan and the workouts, you can’t compare someone’s chapter 20 to your first one.

What is your go to song/playlist at the gym?

Oooouh, I’m definitely more into rap when I work out, but I do love some good pop songs as well.

My go to song is: Call you mine - Keanu Silva Remix with The Chainsmokers.