Introduction To Leanne

by Leanne Jacklin-Grey

‘Six months from now, your life can be so much better mentally, physically and financially. Know that you have the power to change it all one day at a time.’ - Lewis Howes.

If you would have said this to me in the beginning of 2019 I would have laughed. I’m not a negative person but honestly, I couldn’t see much change happening for me. I had been stuck in a rut for what felt like years. Have you ever felt this way? Like you are just reliving the same day and situation and now matter what you do it feels like nothing changes? I’m here to tell you that it IS possible, very possible….

As a teen I would always watch Sex and the City. For those who aren’t familiar with the show, Carrie Bradshaw was the most glamourous writer in New York City. She was a true boss babe. Her words of wisdom helped women all around the world feel confident and empowered; I wanted to be just like her when I grew up.
So as you can imagine as a 20 something year old spending most nights out in nightclubs drinking and dancing, care free with zero vision for the future, my childhood writing dreams were more like a distant memory.

Overweight and unhappy, with a lifestyle that was far from my girl boss vision, I decided to make a change and put all my energy into learning everything I could about fitness and nutrition.
Little did I know that this new found passion would eventually change the whole course of my life. My health journey, like most of us, had lots of ups and downs. I made some terrible choices along the way, battled off a chronic illness and have learnt many lessons about self acceptance, that eventually led to self love.

The biggest part of this journey however was about 6 months ago, when I found the Tone & Sculpt app. I had followed Krissy Cela for years, she was my ultimate inspiration. A boss babe with an amazing physique and a huge heart who wanted so much to inspire other women. I remember seeing the app and thinking that this was definitely a movement I wanted to be apart of. So when Tone & Sculpt, the app that was changing lives worldwide, posted an ambassador search, I of course had my application in within minutes. Not in a million years did I think I would ever be considered, in fact when the acceptance email came through I checked it three times to be sure I hadn’t misread it. I was buzzing with excitement!

To be completely honest though, when I first become an ambassador, I was at an all time low. Coming out of the most toxic relationship of my life, I had no option but to swallow my pride and move back home. At 30 years old, I was living with parents and had two jobs that were draining me physically and mentality. The gym was my only release, my happy place. At the time I wasn’t eating properly, I had no energy left in me to even cook a meal so I would live off cereal and junk food. I felt somewhat helpless, but the Tone & Sculpt app was a glimmer of hope. I wasn’t sure why or how, but I just knew that my life was about to change completely. I decided that because the Tone & Sculpt community and workouts were the only things at the time that made me feel truly happy, I would channel all my energy into it. I wanted to help others, of course, but in that moment I was 100% doing it for me.

Firstly I want to mention Krissy herself, this wonder woman not only has incredible vision and drive, she also has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I have ever met.
When I met her for the first time it was the day after I had ended my relationship, I was a mess. I told her of my situation and she immediately, without hesitation, offered to help me however she could. To be clear, she didn’t say this to be polite, she genuinely meant it. I will forever be grateful for her in that moment. As for the ambassadors, the rest of the team, and of course the community, well they are my sunshine. Ever since the day I joined they have, without fail, made each day better. We really are a family.

Being part of the Tone and Sculpt community has been one whirlwind of a journey. Not only has the app improved the way my body looks, it has changed how I feel about my body too. I have never felt so confident in my own skin. The women in this community genuinely support each other unconditionally and that is something I have never come across before. With the Tone & Sculpt app you are truly never alone.

So imagine when just a few short months into my time with the team, Krissy calls me in to the office, of course me being a massive other thinker, was in a state of panic. That day however, Krissy offered me, yes me the girl who’s entire life had a few months ago was a complete mess, the position of in-house blogger at Tone & Sculpt. And just like that, out of what felt like nowhere, my childhood dreams of becoming a boss babe writer came true.

Now obviously unlike Ms Bradshaw, I won’t be giving you dating advice. My purpose is not to help you find a date. However I will do everything in my power to give you the help you with the most important relationship you’ll ever have, the one with yourself.
This blog is not just about helping you to ‘get fit’. I’m here to empower and educate you in all things wellness. To give you love and support when you need it most. I hope that my own life experiences, good and bad, along with the knowledge from our beautiful contributors, and of course Krissy herself, will help you grow in your own life.
Everything from fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, community, physical and mental health will be covered here. I’m not a life expert, but I am your friend, here to support you on your own journey.
Think of this blog as your very own safe haven, where you can come to for advice, encouragement, and everything you may need to help you become the boss babe you were born to be.

Love always xx