Stay At Home With Tone & Sculpt: Supporting The NHS During Covid-19

by Zahara Chowdhury

Last week, our co-founder, Krissy Cela, caught up with two very special members of our community. Millie Manning and Maariyah Vankad are both medical students who are currently home from university due to the current pandemic. Like many medical students, both have kindly offered to work at their local hospitals to ease the pressure on medical staff during these challenging times. In conversation with Krissy, they both provided a candid insight into working for the NHS and how they are managing their mental and physical health too.

We couldn’t be more grateful for our NHS right now. Each and every individual and key worker are making lockdown less challenging and more manageable for us on a daily basis. If there is anything the current pandemic has taught us, it’s that our world is coming together as a community in a time of desperate need. Maariyah and Millie demonstrate just this on a daily basis as they work in hospitals to support other medical practitioners ease the burden of Covid-19. Listening to their stories was inspiring. What’s interesting is that we all know we are living in a pandemic, however until you hear about it directly from the people directly involved, sometimes it fails to truly resonate with us. It feels like a story as opposed to our reality.

In Conversation

 Millie and Maariyah were so calm and positive on their call with Krissy. When asked how they are doing, both said, ‘fine!’. It was lovely to see them smile and equally understand that as much as this is a difficult time for everyone, they are doing something hugely purposeful and beneficial, which comes with its own sense of satisfaction. Maariyah did say some days are good and some bad, and we can only imagine how rewarding, but equally how emotionally draining it can be to work to support and improve the health of our population.

What was most inspiring is that both are still studying and TRAINING using the Sculpt It guide. Millie said finding 30 minutes a day is something we all can do and it really helps with her positive mental health – something we all need to focus on in lockdown. Maariyah quite rightly referred to the Sculpt It guide as ‘the quarantine guide’, which made us super happy! We are so pleased that our app is beneficial to so many people in keeping them physically fit but also mentally strong and healthy.


Maariyah is also fasting, observing the holy month of Ramadan, for our Muslim community and shared a couple of tips that help her keep fit during Ramadan:

1. Keep your house cool: pull down the blinds or draw the curtains so you don’t get too warm and thirsty.

2. Working out can be from the app, a walk or a quick run. Working out just before Iftar (sunset and when the fast breaks) works well as you can complete a workout, knowing food and water are just minutes away!

Equally, take everything at your own pace. There is no pressure to work out during this month – remember our motto, ‘doing this for you’ and therefore you design and define a confident fitness and health journey that works well for you.

How to stay Fit and Healthy during Covid-19

Millie shared a few tips on what she does to manage her physical and mental wellbeing whilst studying and working for the NHS:

1. 10 minutes is better than nothing – starting or ending your day with a bit of exercise (or a couple of rounds from our Sculpt It guide!) is what you need to feel mentally and emotionally fit and positive. Whether it be 10 minutes or 30 minutes, do something every day to help you feel good!

2. Stick to a routine – even though we are all home at the moment, you can still carve out a routine and try exercising at the same time every day so it becomes a healthy habit.

3. Keep in touch with friends and family – Lockdown has had a negative impact on our mental health; many of us are feeling lonely and isolated. Therefore, keep in touch with friends and family via your phone, social media – or perhaps give someone a call as you take your permitted daily walk!

At Tone & Sculpt, we want you all to know that we are here for you, to talk, to listen and to provide all we can so you feel safe, secure and happy, especially right now. Millie and Maariyah reminded us that we can all be there for one another even in lockdown – the most important thing for everyone’s health and wellbeing right now is that we stay at home and protect our NHS whilst protecting others too. Remember, the app is there to support your fitness and nutrition journeys and our community is here to talk whenever you need!

Please share your lockdown tips with us! What are you doing to pass the time on a daily basis?

Stay safe and stay at home!

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