Community Updates & Ambassador's Posts

  • Tone & Sculpt App: Stephanie's Review

    I’ve always loved and looked up to Krissy! She has always been my biggest role model! When I first heard she was launching this app, I knew instantly that I had to give it a go! This app and community has taught me so much about how to live a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. 
  • Client App Review: Alicia Neave

    So my fitness journey started around 3 years ago when I was with an ex boyfriend at the time who was heavily into fitness. However I was not into fitness at all!! I had a bad relationship with food and my body but wanted to go to the gym to support my ex.
  • Emma's Review

    I downloaded the Tone & Sculpt app, and I was so determined because it was promoted to be SO EASY, and after 10 concentrated minutes, I made my first meal plan. I started tracking my water and it kinda made me competitive to ME. 
  • Ash's Review

    My favourite feature on the app is that there is a video of each exercise so that you can check your form and make sure you are doing the exercise correctly.