Who We Are

by Leanne Jacklin-Grey

Welcome to the Tone & Sculpt community blog.

Our community has helped women all over the world come together and rise together. Here at Tone & Sculpt we are judgement free and support each other in fitness and in life.

When I first got into fitness about 10 years ago I was working the reception at my local health club. I was surrounded by familiar, friendly faces and even so I felt completely alone on my journey.
None of my friends were really into fitness. Before my journey began, although I was working in a gym, I would spend most days eating excessive amounts of junk food and most evenings I’d be out at parties. So you can imagine my friends reactions when I decided I wanted to go to the gym instead of going out, or started making healthy protein shakes for breakfast instead of left over pizza (yes I would really have pizza for breakfast!)
I’d been on countless restrictive diets before, so my family just assumed this was another fad that would be done by the weekend, when it was time for another night out.
It has taken almost 10 years for me to get to a place where I don’t feel restricted, I am not constantly comparing myself to others and I genuinely feel happy about how I look. Want to know my secret? YOU!

Having a community to support and guide you through your fitness journey can have the biggest impact on not just how you look, but also how you feel. The Tone & Sculpt community is genuinely like no other. Real women supporting and empowering real women.

Whether you are lacking motivation, want to share with us your progress, need nutritional advice or you’re just having a bad day and need some cheering up, we are all here for you!
This section of the blog is completely inspired by you! We will be sharing all of your amazing stories, some of the most frequently asked questions and introducing you to other members of the family. You can keep in touch with us all by commenting below, joining our Facebook community page, following @toneandsculptapp on socials, tagging @toneandsculptapp in your posts and using the #toneandsculptapp when you post.
We are so happy to have you on this journey with us...Welcome to the familia!


Sara Banegas Starting a fitness journey can be so intimidating especially when you share it with others, but the ladies in this community are the biggest cheerleaders and the most supportive ever!!! Love everything about the T&S community 💙

Rachel Symons The support and love everyone shows each other - this community is all about lifting each other up and I love it 💛

Theresa Dolph I’ve been a part of the fitness community for a few years but never truly felt accepted until tone and sculpt. Honestly since day 1 of the app being created I have felt supported, encouraged and motivated regardless of my body shape or where I am with my journey. The fact that there is no judgement and everyone wants to see everyone succeed makes my heart so happy and makes me feel so incredibly grateful to be apart of this community! I love you all so much 💙

Alex Ryan this group is so supportive! I was apart of another online fitness community prior to this and got kicked out of that community. So many restrictions in that community, it’s nice to know that this group is always so pleasant and so happy to help one another! And like someone else said, it doesn’t always have to be fitness related

Sophie Jackson I love the fact that you can post anything out to the community and you'll always get a positive response back <3whether that's advice on something you've asked, a transformation photo or even the fact that you're lacking in motivation - you'll always get the best responses and support here 🎉🎉


Alicia Neave Okay soppy comment in coming .. but the fact that before I joined this community I would constantly get called ‘fat’ ‘whale’ ‘tubby’ even had ‘obese’ once and I was so scared to show my body. But thanks to this community, I have a safe space to share my journey where NO ONE has ever ever been negative towards me or my body shape. It’s been nothing but supportive and I’ve never had that before 💙💙💙