Healthy Recipes & Nutrition Tips

  • Why Is Breakfast Important? Top Reasons & Benefits

    Breakfast is much more than simply delicious pancakes and creamy chocolaty oats or Instagrammable avo toasts. Breakfast matters more than you may think.
  • Post-Workout Snacks & Nutrition: What To After A Workout

    We put a lot of effort into our daily workouts. From trying to lift heavier or run faster, our body uses a lot of energy during this short amount of time. What we eat after a workout is just as important as what we eat before.
  • How To Eat Healthy With a Budget: Cheap Meal Tips

    At Tone & Sculpt, we’re here to let you know that eating healthy, balanced meals is for everyone, no matter what your budget! In fact, you can eat a balanced, nutritious and wholesome plate on a pretty low budget.
  • How To Start Eating Healthy (Every Day & On A Budget)

    A balanced, varied diet is important to allow your body to work properly. Every macronutrient and micronutrient is important in the daily functions of your body.
  • Healthy Meal Prep Recipes & Ideas

    Between a 40 hour work week, commuting, working out, chores and sleep where can we find the time to also prepare and eat healthy home cooked meals? It is not surprising that fast food gained so much popularity due to its convenience and affordability.
  • Top Tone & Sculpt Breakfast Recipe

    Today I wanted to share with you my go-to breakfast from the Tone & Sculpt app.
    There are literally hundreds of recipes to choose from and I often find myself scrolling through them all when I’m lacking inspiration for what to eat.
    However, I’ve been using the app since it first launched in January 2019 and I quickly discovered what was to become my go-to breakfast. Scrambled eggs, toast and strawberries!
  • Brain Food for Memory & Concentration: All You Need To Know

    There are some important nutrients to keep the brain healthy and sharp. Omega 3s help protect our cells which increases blood flow to our brain. This improves our overall function of our brain. A great meal from Tone & Sculpt app is the Spinach Salmon salad for lunch! Fish can be included in a meal and even a sandwich! We also have the tuna crunch sandwich for an easy on the go lunch at work!

  • Healthy Protein Pancake Recipe

    When looking for a pancake recipe, one key nutrient you want to make sure it has is fibre. Typical pancakes lack fibre, but depending on what ingredients you use, you can easily increase fibre in your recipe to make it a filling, sustainable meal.
  • How To Stay Hydrated: 5 Tips & Benefits

     As we all know water is essential for a healthy life. Water is vital for our bodies to properly function, including the function of our brains, blood, joints and temperature. Our bodies are actually made up of around 60% water! So as you can imagine it is so important to ensure that we get enough of it.

  • Pre-Workout Snacks & Meals: What To Before A Workout

    Motivation to workout can be tough to come by sometimes. A lot of people utilize pre workout food to give them that essential energy and motivational boost before heading out to the gym. We want to fuel our body in the best possible way, but when it comes to pre workout nutrition it can feel a bit complicated.
  • Food To Increase Oxytocin: How To Boost Oxytocin Level

    Oxytocin, also called "love hormone", can be found in a different variety of food, especially the one containing Vitamin D, Vitamin C, magnesium and dietary fats:  fatty fish, mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, spinach, avocados and many more! 

    Oxytocin is considered our “love” hormone because this hormone is increased when we hug and feel intimate with others.
    Specifically for women, oxytocin helps with bonding between mother and baby.

    Overall, oxytocin contributes to our emotional well being and there are things we can do to increase our feel good hormones.
    Certain nutrients help increase oxytocin production.

  • How To Detox Your Body (Without A Cleanse Drink)

    With the holidays coming to an end, that post-holiday feeling of fullness can be an uncomfortable one. These feelings often lead to thoughts of wanting to restrict foods or commit to a tendy diet like a detox. The term detox can mean something different to a variety of people and has often been used as a buzzword in the health and nutrition industry.