Healthy Recipes & Nutrition Tips

  • Eating Vegan One Day a Week: Meal Plan Example

    Following a vegan diet can be very healthy if you limit processed foods. This is why when creating the meals on the Tone & Sculpt app, most of the meals are made from wholesome ingredients. Studies on vegan diets have shown that vegans have a lower mortality rate than others.
  • Vitamins & Minerals For Women: List & Functions

    Macronutrients are very important but so are those micros! Micronutrients have a variety of functions such as keeping our eyes, skin and bones healthy. Here is a guide to essential vitamins and minerals specifically for women. 
  • Facts About Fiber: Benefits, Food and Example Meals

    Dietary fibre is found in plant based, carbohydrate rich foods, that cannot be digested by the body. It’s job is to help the digestive system move the food that we consume along the intestines, allowing the body to absorb essential nutrients, and to help push any waste out of the body.
  • The Importance of Staying Hydrated

    One of the first health tips many will suggest is to stay hydrated. There are many reasons to this tip and one big one is that our body is made up of >60% of water. Our bones, muscles, lungs, blood and brain all use a certain amount of water just to function. Water can also help curb appetite, deliver specific nutrients throughout our body and even help our five senses work to their greatest capabilities. Hydration can also aide in thinking clearly.
  • Nutrition Goals for the New Year!

    We all want to accomplish our health goals but when progress does not come quick enough, frustration may cause us to quit. However, this New Year we are going to focus on resolutions that create healthy, long lasting habits, not just quick fixes. A habit is a behaviour that starts with a choice and then becomes an unconscious action (1). This creation of lifelong, sustainable results is our ultimate goal. This all begins with identifying and creating specific goals.
  • All About the Tone & Sculpt App Registered Dietitian

    Being healthy was never a priority to me. I ate what I wanted, was active when I wanted but it was never consistent. For a long time, the only vegetables I ate were tomatoes and broccoli. I was a picky vegetarian leading me to make very unhealthy choices. 
  • Green Protein Smoothie Shake Recipe

    With minimal equipment, anyone can make a smoothie, you just need a blender on hand! When creating a healthy smoothie, it is important to have a varied and balanced amount of vegetables, fruit, protein and fat.