Healthy Lifestyle & Mental Health Tips

  • Why exercise is important for women’s health

    Fitness is often considered to be a form of self-care, however self-care can be treated like a novelty, a weekly activity to take time out. Whilst we know it is necessary, there are several studies and research to suggest that self-care and self-compassion can actually be quite difficult to act upon. If we view it as a ‘product based’ activity, we are in danger of oversimplifying it and therefore not really valuing its worth. 
  • Self Love & Love Lessons Quotes To Make You Stronger

    Self love is definitely not something we gain overnight. It honestly will take work and time to truly love yourself. Not so long ago I felt like I was just wasn’t enough, my wonderful mum shared these wise words with me:
    “Krissy what are you doing? You are unique, you are precious and you need to stop trying to find external factors to make you happy and open your eyes to your internal happiness because it’s always been you who’s held the key.”
  • Tone & Sculpt Expert Level: All You Need To Know

    The Tone & Sculpt Expert Level is accessible to anyone who subscribes to the app via the App Store or Google Play. It can also be accessed if you download the app to use the 7-day free trial (highly recommended and you’ll hit subscribe before the week is up!). The Expert Guide is something we are extremely excited about!
  • How To Get Back To Normality After Covid

    At Tone & Sculpt we are always thinking about wellbeing! One key factor that we think leads to positive wellbeing is routine. Given the current state of affairs, a great deal of uncertainty has arisen from a sudden change in our daily routine - a change none of us had control over.
  • Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

    Mental Health Awareness Week is upon us and this year it comes at a time where mental health awareness is almost united amidst the global pandemic. As much as there are growing concerns about the mental health of our global population, perhaps this year we can find some comfort in that we are all in this together.

  • The Weight Loss Journey: 5 Psychology Hacks To Help You

    Understanding how our brains work is key in a world where many are anxious, depressed, and tempted with delicious junk food. According to neuroscientists and psychologists, unlike hunger, cravings are typically psychological and not physiological.
  • How has our community helped you build friendships

    Ashleigh is the ultimate Tone & Sculpt cheerleader! This incredible woman has the kindest heart and is constantly showing her support to the entire Tone & Sculpt community. Her positivity is like no other, and on top of that her physical and mental transformation is truly inspirational.
  • 5 Self-Care Tips for Women: How To Improve Your Mental Health

    I've been reading a lot about self-care recently to try to find more ways I can improve my mental health and overall happiness and wellbeing. I know I’m not alone in struggling with anxiety and other mental health issues, so I really wanted to share some things that you too can add to your ‘self-care bank’ of ideas!

  • Muscle Recovery: How to Recover After Exercise

    Since we have gone through a remarkable amount this year, it is important to remember that our mental health still needs our attention and is being...
  • Staying Fit At University: Our How-To Guide

    Even if you are a stay at home student, like I was, getting to grips with lectures, seminars and all of the time to spare in between can be liberating, but overwhelming too. I remember feeling so excited at the prospect of a lecture starting at midday, having 4 hours to spare and ending with a short seminar at least twice a week.
  • How To Build Healthy Habits: 4 Essential Tips

    People always ask me how I stay motivated to work out, to eat well, to work so much. 
    They are probably the most common messages I receive from the Tone & Sculpt Familia. 
    The answer is simple, my approach has nothing to do with motivation and everything comes down to building healthy, sustainable habits
    I cannot emphasise the power of good habits enough. 
    I read Charles Duhig’s book, The Power of Habit, ages ago and I was practically screaming at the pages as I felt like it was me through and through. 
    Working out and taking care of my health have nothing to do with motivation. 
    The reason I say this is because motivation is just a simple feeling – it comes and goes and you just can’t rely on it. 
  • Love Yourself First: How To Learn To Love Yourself

    Have you ever noticed that we will set ourselves goals, commit ourselves to achieving something that is really important to us, but then as soon as we have a friend who needs help with what they are working on, we are the first to let ourselves down. Why do we do this? It is almost as if we feel guilt for making ourselves a priority in our own lives.