Nicole Courchee - 31st July 2020

5 Self-Care Tips for Women: How To Improve Your Mental Health

self care

I've been reading a lot about self-care routine recently to try to find more ways I can improve my mental health and overall happiness and wellbeing. I know I’m not alone in struggling with anxiety and other mental health issues, so I really wanted to share some things that you too can add to your ‘self-care bank’ of ideas!


Emotional self-care is very much about mindfulness, it’s about being in tune with your emotions and responding to them accordingly. I’d like to think I’m a very mindful person and over the years I’ve become pretty good at figuring out why I feel the way I do, however, this isn’t always easy, but there are many ways you can help yourself express your emotions and to become more in tune with yourself when you’re feeling off! It can be as simple as listening to music, music is great at expressing the way we feel without us actually having to put any words together! On the other hand if you do like to write, journalling (or simply using the notes section on your phone) is a great way to unload your thoughts and clear your mind, and a personal favourite of mine! I haven’t tried this one myself, but meditation is something I’ve heard many great things about too, and I will definitely be trying it out! 


I feel like this is something that a lot of us let slip through the net, it’s the type of self-care we always have the best intentions of doing yet somehow, it’s been months and we have a pile of books without a single crease in the spine? Am I right?! Intellectual self-care is something I am vowing to implement more into my life, you heard it here first! This can be anything from reading a new book, taking up a new hobby or listening to a podcast. The T&S Queen herself Krissy Cela is someone who I aspire to be like when it comes to intellectual self-care, she said you can never have enough knowledge about something and that is the truth. Expanding your knowledge is one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves and our future.


Physical self-care is the go-to right? It’s the ‘drink 3l of water a day’, it’s the ‘pamper night’, and it’s always going to be a staple! Taking care of our bodies is so important, it’s with us for the rest of our lives! Physical self-care can require a little extra effort, but I’ll share with you my favourites!

- Face mask, face scrub, getting that skin super duper clean!!
- Drinking 3l of water a day, a classic but it makes me feel like superwoman, somehow! Anyone else?!
- Going for a run or doing a workout I thoroughly enjoy rather than solely for training purposes

self care


If you’re like me, this one can be a little tricky. Somehow I managed to develop social anxiety over the years, so saying ‘no’ to socialising is my go-to response for no reason other than I get incredibly anxious. What I can share from experience is that spending time outside of the four walls of my home and enjoying time with loved ones really does bring joy and peace to my heart. Even phoning a friend and catching up once a week, or going for a walk with someone you enjoy spending time with is so good for the soul. I encourage both you and me to say yes more to social self-care activities that bring you joy!


Looking after the space you’re living in makes a huge difference to the way you feel. You know that feeling when you’ve cleaned your entire house (or flat or room!), you light your candle and then plonk yourself down on the sofa to embrace all of the cleanliness? That’s self-care right there. There’s something about a clutter free space that equates to a clutter free mind, and I’m here for it! (With a little nudge, sometimes!).

So there we go! Five different types of self-care for you to get your teeth stuck into. There are more and more than I’m still learning about but I really wanted to share these in the hope it can help anybody out there who is also struggling with things and needs a little self-love!

Please share with me any of your own top self-care tips in the comments below and spread the love!

Guest Blogger Profile:

Hello T&S familia! My name is Nicole Courchée and I’m a fellow Tone & Sculpt gal and have been using the app since the day it launched!

I love to travel, bake, write and of course I love all things health and fitness too! Like a lot of people, I began my fitness journey to get in shape, yet unknowingly I also began a journey of self-love.

I’m very much still on both of those journeys and I hope I can help our amazing community by sharing my experiences, tips and tricks along the way! 

Discover Nicole Courchee@nicolesfitdiary

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