How To Get Back To Normality After Covid

by Zahara Chowdhury
How To Get Back To Normality After Covid

2020 has been a bit of a blur! There are so many memes, articles and social media content to suggest we need to write 2020 off. We have all experienced heartache, loss and so many unprecedented difficulties this year that forgetting 2020 may be the best way forward.

And, I don’t blame you.

Self-care (the very foundation of fitness and wellbeing) means you have to do what feels right for you. Yes, we need to stay positive and keep our heads up, but we are also entitled to switch off and recuperate from time to time.

One key question that has arisen from our global lockdown is ‘what is normal?’ We’re now half way through 2020 and the world is trying to go back to ‘normal’ in different ways. Some of us can travel, some of us can’t; some of us can go to the gym, whereas some of us are still home, loving the home workouts!

Now that lockdown is lifting with a variety of new rules and regulations to follow, it’s safe to say that we may feel a little bit of discomfort and apprehension towards returning to what ‘normal’ is. According to the British Red Cross, 41% of UK adults feel lonelier since the outbreak of Covid-19 and loneliness is only increasing in a world where we are uncertain about how we socialise, interact and just,!

At Tone & Sculpt we are always thinking about wellbeing - it is our bread and butter! One key factor that we think leads to positive wellbeing is routine. Given the current state of affairs, a great deal of uncertainty has arisen from a sudden change in our daily routine - a change none of us had control over. It is then only natural and expected that now things are changing again, feelings of angst and negativity may arise.

Therefore, although not simple, in order to establish a new sense of normal we must first look at our routine. We always preach that it is our healthy habits, which lead to success. Habits are a result of consistency and consistency comes from a routine! 

Establishing Your Routine

You may wonder how do I establish a new routine and one that I am comfortable with? Here are a few tips and tricks that may help you with these questions:

Get yourself a new diary or monthly planner - stationery is always motivating!

Don’t over plan. Think of your routine in monthly cycles for the short term future. That way, you are only planning 4 weeks ahead, giving you a timely and practical routine to work with.

What does work look like? What does college look like? Take a look at the factors in your life that already have a routine in place and put these into your schedule first. You will notice a pattern and a routine already being established for you!

Plan your workout schedule. We firmly believe that exercise is the key to a healthy and positive lifestyle. In fact, the Tone & Sculpt app has 31 brand new workouts, including stretch and mobility routines to set you up for the day. You could use the planner in the app to input your new workouts and to start your day, you could plan to do one of the full body mobility flows to start your day in a mindful and peaceful way!

Meal plan. now that the world is opening up again, you’ll find yourself at your local coffee shop or lunch spot - a lovely, yet odd feeling! However, having control over your food will help establish a healthy routine. The Tone & Sculpt meal planner is great for this as just like the workout schedule, you can pick and choose what you want to eat and then pop to the supermarket with your in-app grocery list to do the weekly shop. So simple!

Don’t overfill. Why are we always in a rush to do 20 things at once? Why not 5, or even 3?! Don’t overwhelm yourself. Remember, leave some empty time to just potter around, sit, have coffee and breathe! These building blocks are just as important as completing a daily set of tasks when establishing a routine!

Self reflection and journaling. On a daily basis, it is worthwhile to document how you are feeling and how your day went. What did you enjoy? What was new? What was unexpected? These thoughts will put you in the right mindset so you know you now have control over your days and your thoughts - something that is so important when thinking about routine. 


One thing to remember which can help is everyone’s normal is different. There is nothing to ‘get back’ to, rather we are going to move forward to be the very best version of ourselves. We’ve adapted to a global pandemic, a difficult economic climate and a much needed change in our cultural and racial landscape. And, throughout it, we’ve maintained some sense of physical wellness, which we hope the Tone & Sculpt app has helped you with.

We are always here to support you. The app has been improved with brand new workouts to keep you motivated as some of us return to the gym (or not!) and we will always be here to support your physical and emotional wellbeing as you find your personal new normal. 

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    How To Get Back To Normality After Covid– Tone & Sculpt

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    How To Get Back To Normality After Covid– Tone & Sculpt

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    How To Get Back To Normality After Covid– Tone & Sculpt

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