Healthy Lifestyle & Mental Health Tips

  • Self Love & Love Lessons Quotes To Make You Stronger

    Self love is definitely not something we gain overnight. It honestly will take work and time to truly love yourself. Not so long ago I felt like I was just wasn’t enough, my wonderful mum shared these wise words with me:
    “Krissy what are you doing? You are unique, you are precious and you need to stop trying to find external factors to make you happy and open your eyes to your internal happiness because it’s always been you who’s held the key.”
  • How To Get Back To Normality After Covid

    At Tone & Sculpt we are always thinking about wellbeing! One key factor that we think leads to positive wellbeing is routine. Given the current state of affairs, a great deal of uncertainty has arisen from a sudden change in our daily routine - a change none of us had control over.
  • Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

    Mental Health Awareness Week is upon us and this year it comes at a time where mental health awareness is almost united amidst the global pandemic. As much as there are growing concerns about the mental health of our global population, perhaps this year we can find some comfort in that we are all in this together.

  • Love Yourself First: How To Learn To Love Yourself

    Have you ever noticed that we will set ourselves goals, commit ourselves to achieving something that is really important to us, but then as soon as we have a friend who needs help with what they are working on, we are the first to let ourselves down. Why do we do this? It is almost as if we feel guilt for making ourselves a priority in our own lives.