The Do's and Don'ts of a healthy lifestyle

What we define as a healthy lifestyle can vary massively for each individual. An olympic athlete, for example, may have a very different outlook on what is healthy than your grandmother.

The Power of a Playlist

A good playlist can make all the difference to your workout. In fact, studies have shown that our enjoyment of exercise can increase by up to 28% when listening to music. Did you know music can reduce your ‘perception of effort’ and increase your output during an endurance workout by up to 15%?

Dealing with Gym Anxiety

What is gym anxiety and why do we have it? This blog will help you deal with your gym anxiety, why you may feel this way; offer you a fresh perspective on what it’s really like at the gym and also provide you with a few of my personal favourite tips to get you in that gym so you can start doing this for you.

How Effective is Your Current Workout Split

Women today are the ultimate boss babes. We are studying, working hard, building businesses, raising families and crushing goals. So making sure we have the most effective and efficient work out is paramount. That being said, how do you know if your current training split or gym routine is the right one for you?

Gym Bag Essentials

At some point we’ve all been there: buzzing with energy from your pre-workout, feeling great from all your favourite songs blasting out on the drive to the gym; you are in your zone and ready to destroy your workout. You walk in the gym feeling like a boss, reach in your bag to grab your headphones but hold on, I’m sure I put them in my bag?