Goal Setting - How To Set Goals To Succeed

I want you to understand the importance of setting your goals out. This is about you, doing something that is important to you and making your life better and happier as a result. Please don’t invest your time, energy or money into something you are not passionate about to make someone else happy. If you want to lose a few pounds for yourself then fantastic! We are here to help you achieve that!

Does Having Strong Abs Help With Labour?

During pregnancy, we are given a great deal of information and misinformation on training during pregnancy. At Tone and Sculpt we have put together an informative short series on training during every trimester in pregnancy, which you will find really useful when pregnant.

The Pregnancy Diaries: The Third Trimester

Your third trimester of pregnancy is exciting, but can also feel very, very long. Sometimes, similar feelings and symptoms that you experience in your first trimester can return in the final weeks leading up to labour. Mentally and emotionally, feelings of tiredness, nervousness and a sense of anxiety of what’s to come can creep in now that you’re so close to meeting your bundle of joy.

The Pregnancy Diaries: The Second Trimester

This is the second in a short series of blogs to provide advice and guidance for exercise and your wellbeing as you continue with your pregnancy journey into your second trimester. Your first trimester comes with an array of body changes, emotional changes and for many, the dreaded morning sickness! 

The Pregnancy Diaries: The First Trimester

Exercise during pregnancy, regardless of the incredible amount of information out there, can be confusing, daunting and a little conflicting. Why? Every pregnancy journey is unique, therefore it can be difficult to understand or feel confident in doing what is right for you.