5 Benefits of Rope Jumping

by Krissy Cela
5 Benefits of Rope Jumping

Skipping is something we all remember doing in the playground. I remember once break time would hit, I’d love to get out of class and jump the rope with my friends. We’d take it in turns, skip together, time each other and have so much fun. I’d always go back to class feeling a little out of breath but on reflection, I definitely had more energy!

And now, over a decade later, I can’t be without my jump rope! Skipping has always been my favourite type of cardio. I’m not a big fan of running (interval sprints are ok, but just about!). I get a little bored on the bike. But skipping always keeps me going!
Skipping the rope is a great for beginners and experts. There are several reasons why I like rope jumping as a form of exercise:

It’s cheap and can be done ANYWHERE!
Once you’ve purchased your jump rope, every workout is effectively free! Plus, it is small enough to fit in any bag and given you can take it anywhere, it means you can skip anywhere! So long as you have space to swing that rope without taking someone’s eye out, you can complete a high intensity, full body workout from home, the gym or the park! I’d even put it in my work bag and take 10 minutes for a bit of cardio at lunchtime!

It releases positive endorphins
Due to its pace and nature, skipping releases endorphins that set you up for the day and put you in a good mood. You will feel energised and motivated after a skipping workout whether it is 10 minutes or 30 minutes!

It’s as good as running (if not better)
10 minutes of skipping is estimated to be equivalent to running a mile in 8 minutes - that’s intense and an awesome workout. Skipping is so versatile, you can do interval training, consistent skipping or integrate it in with any other workout whether that be strength training, boxing or a more varied cardio workout. It's a great form of exercise for your muscles (and especially for your abs!)
Plus, compared to running, skipping is a little kinder to your joints, especially your knees!

It is a full body workout
You use your arms, legs and core when skipping. Whereas with running and cycling predominantly focusing on lower body muscles, skipping makes you engage every muscle and the intensity of it is great no matter what your fitness level or goal is.

It is an energising, mindful workout
The challenge of skipping keeps your mind and body focused on the movement letting you focus on how your body performs as you skip. You could say it’s quite a mindful workout as it allows you to focus on just the exercise and not let your mind wander off. It’s a great way to destress and reset!

And now that you have become a skipping fanatic just like me, I challenge you to join me on my 7 day skipping challenge on the Tone & Sculpt app!

5 rounds, from high knee, single leg to fast paced skipping, you’ll be a pro by the end of the week.

The challenge is a great way to measure your progress, join the community and feel supported by several other women taking part all at the same time.

I can’t wait to see your progress and remember to tag #toneandsculptapp and #skipitout to share your workouts with me and the Tone & Sculpt familia!

Always and Forever,

Krissy Cela

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