An 8 Week Guide to keep you Fit and Healthy

by Zahara Chowdhury

You asked, we delivered. The NEW Sculpt It 8-week guide is here, ready and we can’t wait to see your results! Our method is clear: An 8-week programme, 3 times a week, 28 minute workouts, 5 minute rounds…and DONE! As simple and as effective as that!

We know so many of you are busy. You’re studying, working, socialising and trying to keep up with life! In fact, 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise a week is recommended to stay fit and healthy. Of course, this is a guideline and you can divide this number however you like.

At Tone & Sculpt, we are all about giving you advice and guidance in ways we know will help and make a difference to your physical and mental wellbeing. Just 30 minutes of exercise every day can make a world of difference to your health. Whether that be at home or at the gym, 30 minutes can make your day more productive, positive and meaningful! Why? Because you’re taking time out for yourself, for your wellbeing. 

But, what do I do for 30 minutes?

We get it, it’s all well and good saying 30 minutes is what you need, but what do you do for that time? That is exactly where the Sculpt It 8-week guide comes in. Whether you’re at home or at the gym, the 8-week guide gives you step by step workouts, timings and everything you could possibly need to stay fit on a daily basis – all in our app!

Now there are no excuses for missing that workout!

The 8-week guide can be:

1. done at home or at the gym
2. modified to suit you (alternative exercises in the app)
3. completed with friends or solo!


How does it work?

There are 4 circuits in each workout, comprising of 3 exercises. You complete as many rounds as you can in each circuit by setting the 5-minute timer. And done! The beauty is that there are only 2 circuits as you repeat each one, twice. Not only is this great for structuring your workout, it means you get better and better at each exercise! It really could not be any more simple or effective! 

The guide is suitable for everyone: whether you want to add a bit more variety to your workout regime, or if you’re short for time and want to do something quick and effective! The best part is, it covers all major muscle groups and splits them up into manageable chunks: upper body, lower body and full body. You’re covered in 3 workouts a week!

The beauty of the guide in our app is you can add any of the other workouts to your planner, especially if you have more time or fancy trying something else. It’s so versatile and user friendly, our clients love it and now it will be loved even more!

If you’re a student, trying to fit exercise in on a crazy schedule, this is your answer. If you’re a busy professional who leaves at the crack of dawn and gets back after sunset, this is also your answer. In just 8 weeks you will feel fitter, stronger and healthier in mind and body.

We can’t wait to see how you get on with it and look forward to seeing and hearing about your amazing transformations. Why not join our Facebook community and in-app community to motivate and support one another as we start this awesome 8-week journey? We can’t wait! 

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