What is Commit with Melissa?
The brand new Tone & Sculpt workout program!

Tone & Sculpt is super excited to bring you Commit, our new workout programme designed by Melissa Kendter, Tone & Sculpt’s new expert trainer. 

What is Commit?

Commit 1.0 is a 16 week workout programme, bringing a hybrid approach to your workout routine. Melissa has designed every workout to combine a range of exercise styles and movement patterns which challenge and improve your aerobic and anaerobic energy systems. With a combination of functional strength, endurance, mobility, and core stability based exercises, Commit is what you need if you’re looking for a versatile, disciplined and energetic workout programme to help you go the distance inside and outside the gym.

How does Commit work?

Like with our other training programmes, all you need to do is choose Melissa as your trainer in-app and select Commit as your training programme! Your schedule will automatically be populated with 16 weeks’ worth of workouts designed exclusively by Melissa.

What you can expect:

  • 4 or 6 weekly workouts
  • A focus on upper body, lower body, full body workouts with core and mobility exercises
  • A combination of functional strength, bodyweight and endurance based exercises
  • A challenge for your mental and physical stamina!

The Commit resistance sessions are structured to include 4-5 phases of training with a cardio warm up, followed by an activation circuit to mobilise your body and get your blood flowing through your muscles. The majority of workouts are a combination of supersets, tri-sets, and AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) circuits, using both equipment and bodyweight exercises. The workouts end with a finisher to leave you feeling accomplished. You will up your fitness and build mental toughness while the programme progressively overloads as the weeks go by.

Why choose Commit?

Commit is set apart from our existing training programmes due to its focus on maximizing your efforts by combining various styles of training. Each workout has been carefully curated by Melissa to challenge and exercise your energy systems with the aim to improve your stamina, movement patterns, endurance and overall physical health. Melissa is a keen runner and aims to show all those with a love of running and sport how fitness workout routines complement your stride as you hit the road!

Commit is an exciting and different approach to workout routines and Melissa brings her love of competitive sports, the outdoors and endurance training all into one programme. It’s the challenge you won’t want to end! 

Who is Commit 1.0 for?

Commit is for women who want to be empowered through movement and who want to unleash their inner warrior through Melissa’s unique workouts and healthy lifestyle approach. It is for women who want the flexibility to fit their training around their schedule. It is for women who want to see free weights, cardio and full body movement patterns in every workout, and for those who love versatility without compromising the core principles of exercise.

Melissa’s programme will keep your workouts exciting, improve your body’s endurance, functional strength, core stability and overall performance to go the distance inside and outside of the gym. Over the course of 16 weeks you will learn to integrate fitness into your lifestyle so it becomes a lifelong habit.

Sign up today at www.toneandsculpt.app - we can’t wait for you to join Melissa’s team and be a part of the Tone & Sculpt community!

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Tone & Sculpt is super excited to bring you Commit, our new workout programme designed by Melissa Kendter, Tone & Sculpt’s new expert trainer.