Training Tips & Fitness guides

  • On-Demand Workouts: All You Need To Know

    We’ve been bursting to share this with you, familia! After months of hard work, the team at Tone & Sculpt are super excited to kick off 2021 with On Demand workouts created by your favourite trainers, Krissy Cela and Danyele Wilson!

  • Female Fitness Quotes to Make you Sculpt your Body

    Whether you're looking for Monday fitness motivation or just need a morning workout quote, we've got our favourite female fitness quotes to get you through.
  • Bench Press Exercise (and Variations) for Women

    Bench press is one of the best upper body strengthening exercises, which focuses on all major upper body muscles, especially your chest muscles and triceps. It is usually performed with a barbell and it is safe to perform this exercise with a spotter, especially if you are new to it.
  • How to Track Your Progress Without the Scales

    How many times after weeks of eating well and training hard have you stepped onto the scales only to be majorly disappointed with the number that you see?
    We let this one number determine our entire outlook of our progress so far.
  • How To Make The Most of The App

    Tone & Sculpt has just got even better! Don’t worry, all your favourite features are still there, just improved, and now we have some amazing new features too. So here is a quick breakdown so you can truly make the most of the app and all its greatness. Get ready to start smashing your goals!