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  • Which Tone & Sculpt Workout Guide is best for me?

    The Tone & Sculpt app is brought to you with a few different workout guides - we want to ensure we cater for all women no matter what your lifestyle! In order to help you choose which guide works best for you, take a look at the information below to make sure you make the right choice for you! 

  • LISS Workouts: Exercises, Benefits and Differences with HIIT

    Low intensity, steady state exercise, aka, LISS. LISS is a form of cardio exercise which complements any workout plan. LISS is usually completed a couple of times a week for approximately 30-60 minutes. The aim is to reach an intensity level of approximately 50-60% of your maximum heart rate.
  • Top workout tips for beginners

    Like all beginners, I didn’t know where to start or what I was doing. All I did know was that I was determined to make a change and do something special for me. Working out may initially seem predominantly physical, but the mental and emotional effects are amazing. From my own experiences, I know exactly where you are. I’ve put together 9 of my favourite tips that will help you make a start and more importantly, stick to your fitness journey!
  • Bench Press Exercise (and Variations) for Women

    Bench press is one of the best upper body strengthening exercises, which focuses on all major upper body muscles, especially your chest muscles and triceps. It is usually performed with a barbell and it is safe to perform this exercise with a spotter, especially if you are new to it.