Drop-Set Workout: Meaning, Benefits & Examples

by Krissy Cela

Now I don't know about you but when I first started out in fitness I felt like the terminology was a whole new language.
My trainer might as well have been speaking French to me, I did not have a clue!

So I want to start by breaking down drop-sets for you so it’s simple for you to understand, remember and incorporate into your workouts.

Drop sets are an advanced training technique specifically designed for muscle hypertrophy, which basically means making your muscles grow bigger through this program.

So the idea is you start with your heaviest weight load and perform as many reps as you can until failure, then immediately reduce your weight load and repeat.
During a normal single set exercise you are limiting the amount of muscle fibres used, but by reducing the weight load and continuing, you engage muscle fibres deep down that wouldn’t usually be reached, causing muscle growth.

This technique is very intense so I would strongly recommend not overdoing them. Once a week on each body part is enough to get your gains.

How to do it:

When performing a drop set try to keep your rest no longer than 10 seconds, which I know sounds intense, but like I said it is an advanced technique. If you set up your equipment before you start your exercise you can ensure your rest period is kept to a minimum.

You also want to keep the range between 6-12 reps, this is the ideal reps for muscle growth. So start with your heaviest weight at let’s say 6 reps, then reduce your weight 15-20% and increase your reps by 2. For example say your first set is 6 reps at 10kg, the next would be 8 reps at 8kg, then 10 reps at 6kg and so on.

We have some amazing drop set workouts in the Tone and Sculpt app, and there is a brief description on the app itself too, just in case you need a little reminder.

This technique may be tough but it is very effective. Give it a try, tag @toneandsculptapp and let us know how you get on.

Now let's go grow those beautiful muscles!