Training Tips & Fitness guides

  • Motivational Workout Quotes to Make You Sculpt Your Body

    Let’s be honest there are days when, no matter how much you want to reach your fitness goals, you just don’t feel like working out.
    Trust me when I say, we all have these moments!
  • What is the best time of day to workout?

    The question of working out in the morning or evening has been asked, debated and discussed for several years now. Physicians, wellness coaches and fitness enthusiasts all have valid opinions and the majority will conclude that it comes down to your lifestyle.
  • LISS Workouts: Exercises, Benefits and Differences with HIIT

    Low intensity, steady state exercise, aka, LISS. LISS is a form of cardio exercise which complements any workout plan. LISS is usually completed a couple of times a week for approximately 30-60 minutes. The aim is to reach an intensity level of approximately 50-60% of your maximum heart rate.
  • Top workout tips for beginners

    Like all beginners, I didn’t know where to start or what I was doing. All I did know was that I was determined to make a change and do something special for me. Working out may initially seem predominantly physical, but the mental and emotional effects are amazing. From my own experiences, I know exactly where you are. I’ve put together 9 of my favourite tips that will help you make a start and more importantly, stick to your fitness journey!
  • When Is The Best Time To Train

    Morning, afternoon, evening, night time, when should I train?This is a question I see everywhere and I thought I would do some research and give yo...
  • Bench Press Exercise (and Variations) for Women

    Bench press is one of the best upper body strengthening exercises, which focuses on all major upper body muscles, especially your chest muscles and triceps. It is usually performed with a barbell and it is safe to perform this exercise with a spotter, especially if you are new to it.
  • How to Track Your Progress Without the Scales

    How many times after weeks of eating well and training hard have you stepped onto the scales only to be majorly disappointed with the number that you see?
    We let this one number determine our entire outlook of our progress so far.
  • Working out with Your Partner? 8+ Exercises to Do

    Here at Tone & Sculpt, working out with a friend is quite possibly the most enjoyable use of our time. In fact, you’ve seen our wonderful ambassadors, community and Krissy and Holly have so much fun when they train together. This is why we love exercise; it is something that brings us all together, gets us talking and creates such a fun loving community.
  • How to Get Abs? Tips for a Perfect Six-Pack

    I am going to keep things super simple here, you could literally follow the best training guide in the world (Tone & Sculpt app obviously) but if your diet is rubbish, your abs will be rubbish too. It may sound harsh but it’s a reality.
  • How to Get the Best out of a Home Workout

    Working out at home is a great option if you need the flexibility around work, children and life in general! Although we tend to link exercise with the gym, outdoor running or a place away from home, you can achieve excellent results within the comfort of your own home.
  • How to Activate Glutes? 4 Exercises for Glute Muscle Activation

    Glute activation allows you to awaken these muscles, creating a mind-muscle connection to ensure your glutes are fired up and active throughout your workout.
  • Superset Workout: Benefits and Exercises

    Super sets put quite simply are 2 exercises paired and performed together, commonly used in weight training. They are a great way to exhaust one group of muscles or to train two complementing muscles or muscle groups. They are also time efficient as you do not rest between exercises (except for the few seconds when changing to the second exercise).