What is a Superset?

Super sets put quite simply are 2 exercises paired and performed together, commonly used in weight training. They are a great way to exhaust one group of muscles or to train two complementing muscles or muscle groups. They are also time efficient as you do not rest between exercises (except for the few seconds when changing to the second exercise).

What is a drop-set?

Drop sets are an advanced training technique specifically designed for muscle hypertrophy, which basically means making your muscles grow bigger.

Top Tips for Beginners

Like all beginners, I didn’t know where to start or what I was doing. All I did know was that I was determined to make a change and do something special for me. Working out may initially seem predominantly physical, but the mental and emotional effects are amazing. From my own experiences, I know exactly where you are. I’ve put together 9 of my favourite tips that will help you make a start and more importantly, stick to your fitness journey!

How To Make The Most of The App

Tone & Sculpt has just got even better! Don’t worry, all your favourite features are still there, just improved, and now we have some amazing new features too. So here is a quick breakdown so you can truly make the most of the app and all its greatness. Get ready to start smashing your goals!

What is a Pyramid-set?

There are a variety of ways to weight train and a pyramid style of training is a very effective and efficient way to improve and gain strength. The theory behind a pyramid style of training is that we increase resistance (weight) and decrease the number of repetitions as we complete a pyramid set.